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Caltech Timor discusses Timor experience

As part of the preparations of the Timor-Leste Oil & Gas Summit we had the pleasure to interview Caltech Timor, discuss about the country's potential and find out more on the company and its current and future activities.

- Caltech Timor has been providing offshore support activities and onshore construction, project management and logistics services in Timor-Leste for 19 years. As an experienced service provider in Timor-Leste's hydrocarbons sector: What are

the country's key advantages in the hydrocarbons sector?

  • Good business case to develop a local workforce

  • Possibility to be part of developing and molding the industry

- In the past 15 years Caltech has greatly expanded its offshore services, supporting all major oil & gas activities in Timor-Leste and operating on both Bayu Undan and Kitan oil fields. What are the factors that helped you achieve such growth within 15 years? 

  • Strong will and commitment to deliver competent people

  • Strong desire to not only assist our clients to meet their local content benchmarks, but exceed them and prove to them the financial benefits of doing so.

  • Dedication to our employees in managing their careers.

  • Not only providing employment for the duration of an assignment but when necessary carry them in between offshore jobs  and re-train them in different fields to allow fast return to an offshore position when available.

- Caltech has provided services to all major operators in Timor-Leste, including ConocoPhilips, Eni, Wood and CloughAMEC. You have maintained contracts even when the main operators change, such as in the case of Bayu Undan, where you retained all four existing contracts, even when the other parties changed. What makes Caltech have such successful project retention?

  • Solid management and office support, good understanding of our market and what is needed, rates and wages well benched marked within the region, loyalty to and from our employees, broad range of services and fields of expertise in Timor Leste .

- What is next for Caltech Timor?

  • Caltech is a company that has always led the way and driven the changes it wished to see for Timor Leste

  • We will continue to operate in the fields of oil and gas support services, training management and construction whilst developing our skills and expertise in our next ventures environmental management, recycling and renewable energy

- Timor-Leste has rich hydrocarbon resources offshore and in the Joint Petroleum Development Area. What opportunities are you looking forward to discussing at the Timor-Leste Oil & Gas Summit?

  • Upcoming employment opportunities ( eg: New fields, drilling campaigns, construction and decommissioning projects)

- What type of companies are you excited to meet during the Timor-Leste Oil & Gas Summit?

  • Any company taking the time to come to Timor Leste is worth meeting


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