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Last year's agenda

Day 1

3rd October 2019

08:30 Registration & Coffee

09:30 Welcome from the Organisers: Ms Chryssa Tsouraki, CEO, IN-VR Oil & Gas


09:40 Welcome from the Chairwoman: Ms Tonje P. Gormley, Partner, Artzen de Besche

09:50 Key Remarks and inauguration by the Prime Minister of Timor-Leste, H.E. Taur Matan Ruak

10:20 Keynote Speech by H.E. Mr Xanana Gusmao, Chief Negotiator for Maritime Boundaries & Founder of Timor-Leste


11:00 Presentation: Introduction to the ANPM and its significant role in the country and region
Mr Dino da Silva, President, ANPM

11:30 Morning Coffee Break


12:00 Presentation: Timor’s 2nd Licensing Round

  • A thorough presentation on potential geology

  • Technicalities of the licensing round

  • How can an IOC or investor apply?

  • What are the criteria, qualifications and required documents needed?

Mr Mateus da Costa, Director of Explorations and Promotions, ANPM


12:50 Presentation:Introducing Timor’s airborne data acquisition
Introduction by Mr Mateus da Costa, Director of Explorations and Promotions, ANPM & Dr. Fred Hehuwat, Senior Advisor, PT Karvak Nusa Geomatika

13:15 Presentation:Timor-Leste’s Licensing Round legal requirements and fiscal terms
Mr Rosentino Amado Hei, Legal Director, ANPM

13:30 Lunch Break Sponsored by SundaGas


15:00  Presentation: Low hanging fruit of the Sahul Platform

  • Proven petroleum system with potential for a liquid component

  • State of art 3D about to be broadband reprocessed to depth

  • Numerous untested structures and play opening opportunities

Mr Julian Mather, Senior Geoscience Advisor - Spectrum/TGS

15:30 Presentation: Assessing regional offshore prospectivity to determine Timor-Leste’s rich hydrocarbon potential
Mr Paul Robinson, Principal Consultant, Discover Geoscience

16:00 Licensing Round Panel Discussion and Q&A

Mr Dino da Silva, President, ANPM & Mr Mateus Da Costa, Director of Explorations and Promotions, ANPM
Mr Julian Mather, Senior Geoscience Advisor - Spectrum/TGS

16:30 Coffee Break


17:00 Operating in Timor-Leste: adapting to change:

  • Changes of the business environment in Timor-Leste over the past 20 years

  • How to be a driver of opportunities

  • Setting solid foundation for the future

Mr Jean Vezina, CEO, Caltech


17:30 Presentation: Heineken Timor-Leste’s: first investor explains the attractive environment of Timor and why they invested in the country
Mr Vinay Mathur, Managing Director, Heineken Timor-Leste


18:00 Closing Day remarks by the Chairwoman

18:10  Transportation to Novo Turismo Hotel

18:40 Drinks Reception sponsored by Heineken

19:30 Gala Dinner sponsored by ANPM

Day 2

4th October 2019

08:30 Registration & Coffee

09:00 Remarks by the Chairwoman & Presentation: Ms Tonje P. Gormley, Partner, Artzen de Besche

09:30 Presentation: The Timor-Leste / Australia Maritime Boundary Treaty – the negotiation process and the new framework for carrying out of Petroleum Activities:

  • The process for negotiating the Treaty and bringing it into force

  • The “transitional arrangements” process

  • The framework applicable to Petroleum Activities in Timor-Leste, and in the Greater Sunrise Special Regime Area

Mr Ricardo Alves Silva, Partner, Miranda Law Firm

10:00 Presentation by Operator: Mr Francisco Monteiro, President & CEO, Timor GAP


10:30 Presentation: The journey and success of Bayu-Undan in Timor-Leste:

  • Discussing the development and contribution of Bayu-Undan so far

  • Future plans including the final phase

  • Decommissioning Bayu-Undan

Mr David Boyle, VP of Operations, ConocoPhillips


11:00 Coffee Break


11:40 Presentation: Discussing the Buffalo field, and how Carnarvon Petroleum will transition into Timor-Leste’s jurisdiction
Mr Philip Huizenga, COO, Carnarvon Petroleum


12:10 Presentation by Operator: Ms Suellen Osborne, CEO, Timor Resources

12:40 Presentation: 

Local content : Beyond project boundaries

  • Sustainable recruitment & development of human capital Careers vs short term assignments

  • Lasting legacy

Mr Jean Vezina, CEO, Caltech

13:10 Lunch Break


14:30 Speech by Mr Alfredo Pires, former Minister of Petroleum, Timor- Leste


15:00 Presentation: Mr Peter Cockroft, former Consultant to the President & Principal, PC-ADVISORY PTE LTD

15:30 Presentation by ANPM: Pipelines and Downstream


16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 Presentation: Why to invest in Timor-Leste
Mr Arcanjo da Silva, Executive Director of Trade and Investment, TradeInvest Timor-Leste


17:00 Presentation: How to open and register your business in Timor-Leste; a step-by-step guide for oil and gas operators and service companies
Mr Florencio da Conceição Sanches, Executive Director, SERVE

17:30 Presentation: Regional Presentations by neighbouring countries Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia


18:15 Closing Remarks by the Chairwoman

18:20 Closing Remarks by IN-VR

18:40 Transportation to Novo Turismo Hotel

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